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Updated 7 August 2005.

From :Dave4mame

posted 19 January, 2005 09:45 AM


Creating CP/M 86 disk image :

i've a bunch of cp/m software in zip files; i'd like to test it with a cp/m system (let's say a Kay II).

unfortunately imgtool doesn't support such a format (pc fat images are not recognized).

Is it there some tool to create "right" disk images?


posted 27 January, 2005


CP/m 86 for Kay Pro II – Disk images dilemma !

Witch disk driver ? Witch utilities ? Witch floppys ? -

It seem difficult to retrieve CP/m OS regard this type of computers.

In fact, the best way to compile a disk image (the easier) is to convert all raw image disk to CPCemu format ... But, the CP/m 86 structure seem to be different regard CP/m 2.2 or 3.

The catalog offset is different : CP/M 2.2 = offset 10239 ; CP/M 86= offset 18322

We can't use standards tools like the CPCfs to create disk image ... but the structure of this catalog is the same.

To retrieve your bunchy files, you had to update CPCfs sources if you want choose this format!

(have a look to DskCenter res Var.Bas to retrieve CAT info, but CPCfs can help you to mount a new soft. And CPCfs is a C# soft (;}) .)

In CPCemu format, you will found severals soft to convert RAW files... But severals of them had attics formats like CopyQM format (header:176+Raw).

To validate a format, you had to choose the better image format: a raw (img), a Mess(dsk) or a CPCemu format(dsk).

Whatever your choice, the raw format will be easier to mount...

You had to find a tool to compile softwares image and tag them in the “CAT”.

Warning ! Amsdos and CPC CP/m 2.2 require a specific tag header (name, lenght...) behind binary software !

But, Cpm86 seem don't use this header ...

To avoid confusions, mistakes and compatibility errors, you may take a raw format.

Notes: Like ISTC 5500, disks should be 720k ! (Mess driver isn't required but it tag platform name)

However, to use standard floppy disk driver include in Mess, your had to work on Raw Format (*.IMG) ... Dskimg.exe from Boches emulator is easy to use.

Have a look to : DR disk images (boot disk and utilities)-

Maine page :

FILE UTILITIES for CP/M-86 : 236K - A cornucopia of resources for both text and binary files. Includes Newsweep, Grep, Uuencode/Uudecode, file copiers with user area support, text file browsers, a Norton-style byte-level binary editor, selective eraser/uneraser, fast file finder, WordStar high-bit a ton more great file-related stuff.

FILE XFER UTILITIES : 73K Here are several utilities for transfering files to <==> from CP/M-86 and PC-DOS partitions.

File View : 34K FileView is a utility for CP/M-86. Source is included.

DskCenter now support CP/m 2.2 raw files but not the cpm86 OS .

Why Key Pro II don't use roms in machine driver ? (rel: .8x) ... floppys format can't be setup ! Try to install a 3,5' driver on a Key Pro ...

Have Fun Dave!

The Mess's around problem !

Mess actually support many floppys formats and had to create his own... for unemulated computers.

Many standard formats came from old emulators case of new Mess standard ... ( Mess's dsk) users had to convert olds disks images in the proper format, but actuals Mess's tools restrictions can't able them to retrieve any software ... it's silly to emulate a computer's ROM without softwares... but Mess can do that! (Perhaps a Mame attitude, but a computer need to be feed !)

From : Jim

posted 23 February, 2005 09:45 AM


 DskCenter Installation :

I've just downloaded "DskCenter Multi-Systems" Rel. 0.05d

I've examined, and edited, Emulator_list.ini (commenting out all but one entry, and setting Count = 1),
and, with less confidence, DskCenter.ini (again, commenting out all but one folder and icon path).  ZipTag.ini I haven't changed.

However, when I launch DSKCenter (in Windows 2000 or Windows XP), I see the application's main screen come up for a fraction of a second and then close, followed by a small box containing the error message:


Run-time error '52':
Bad file name or number


I presume there's something wrong with the .ini Can you help me get your application running (maybe with an example of some correctly-configured .ini files?)


Thanks very much.


Jim F.


 From :XavSnap

posted 29 February, 2005 09:45 AM

  Critical error on start-up :

Manual update of «ini» is far faster than integrated editor to change Emulators option (use "tools" pop-up ... "Emulators launching options", double-click on the name and pickup path options to get the right path !)
But, it's hard to determine the specificity of each “keys” ... whoever, changes insides this ini file can't corrupt the DskCenter start-up. Just, deleted or renamed file could crash this software...
The DC's new release now include an advanced test to auto-correct missing or renamed files.
In fact, this test was present, but was called after colors initializations !!! Wrong is now debugged and a backup runtime save or retrieve ini files throw a backup folder.
For the update of 0.5 to 0.6, create a folder named “Backup”, put your favorite ini files and unzip DskCenter v.06 to update old files.(warning: DC need 3 files : Dskcenter.ini, Emulator_list.ini and \Zip Tags\Ziptag.ini.)
When a file is missing, DC create an example file, but path and emulator's parameters are lost!
Have a look to Start-up section on DscCenter Home site.
Notes: Severals warning windows appears during the first start-up ... in fact, DskCenter try to test and retrieve computer's path (c:\mess\software\CPC6128 ... for example) to update ini files informations ... don't be afraid ! It just set ini to default path. (right click on “send to” icone tab...)
DskCenter need to copy ZIP Dll library in then system path ... iust click [ok] or download the newerst version on Zip-info's web site (read DskCenter info file (txt)).

Example: Emulator_list.ini

; Dsk-Center.ini File to start an emulator


; Usage :


; Name : information string for DC users

; Path : Emulator path directory.

; Command1 + [file name added by DskCenter] + Command2


; Max. Count=15 items.


; DskCenter must scan 5 emulators




; Emulator #1


Name=Mess (Dos)

Path=C:\mess /c C:\mess\mess.exe cpc6128 -flop

command2=-bp d:\mess\bios

Comments=Launched in DOS mode. or, ~ C:\windows\dosprmpt.pif /c mess.exe ...~

; Emulator #2


Name=Mess (Win)

Path=C :\mess

command1=messgui.exe cpc6128 -flop

command2=-bp d:\mess\bios

Comments=Launched in Windows mode.

; Emulator #3







; Emulator #4







; Emulator #5








[Setup] = Software interface

[Favorite]=Most visited path

[SystemPath] = « Send path parameters » send selected file to appropriate path...

Count=1 « There is one icon to display»

Name01=CPC Folder « Name of the system/icon »

Path01=C:\Mess\software\CPC6128 « Target path »

Icon01=C:\DskCenter\Icons\MNU_CPC.ico « custom icon »

example : Boot_disk.dsk will be sent to C:\Mess\software\CPC6128 folder.

(select the file and just click on the icon, that's all...)

Have Fun ! XavSnap. 

 From :XavSnap

posted 21 march, 2005 09:45 AM

 TRS-80, Dragon 16/32 (Color computer) for Mess.

Trs Dos & New Dos




; Emulator #6


Name=Mess: Color computer


command1=messgui.exe coco2 -flop

command2=-bp c:\mess\bios

Comments=Launched in Windows mode (dir & loadm « name/bin:0 »).

;Color computer : coco or cocoe

;Color computer v.2 : coco2 or coco2b

;Color computer v.3 : coco3, coco3h or coco3p

;Tandy Trs/80 : trs80l2 or trs80l2a

 From :XavSnap

posted 1 July, 2005 09:45 AM

 Oric 1 / Atmos and Pravetz computers for Mess & Euphoric (DOS).

Oric Under Mess (DOS & Win).




Name=Mess: Oric 1


Comment ! = Win :

command1=messgui.exe oric1 -flop

Comment ! = Dos : /c d:\mess\mess.exe oric1 -flop

command2=-bp c:\mess\bios

Comments=Launched in Windows mode (dir, CLOAD«A-name» or name under Dos).

;Oric 1 computer : oric1

;Oric Atmos computer : orica

;Pravetz 8D computer : prav8d , prav8dd , prav8dda

Oric Under Euphoric (DOS).




Name=Euphoric : Oric Atmos.


command1=euphoric.pif -a

Comment ! = -a argument for Oric Atmos (Default: Oric 1: -l) ; -t =TéléStrat ;-d =Microdisc ; -j = Jasmin


Comments=Launched in Windows mode (dir, CLOAD«A-name» or name under Dos).

 From :XavSnap

posted 4 July, 2005 10:59 AM

 BBC Micro model B for Mess & Modelb emulator.

BBC OS. (Img, BBC & SSP format).

Mess (Dos/Win) :




; Emulator #n


Name=Mess: BBC micro computer


Comment ! = Win :

command1=messgui.exe bbcb -flop

Comment ! = Dos : /c d:\mess\mess.exe bbcb -flop

command2=-bp c:\mess\bios

Comments= « *cat », « CH. ''NAME'' », « *help ».

;BBC micro model A : bbca

;BBC micro model B : bbcb (Santard), bbcb1770 (Acorn 1770 disks)

;BBC micro model B+ : bbcbp (64kb),bbcbp128 (128kb)

Model-B emulator (Win) :




; Emulator #n


Name=Mess: BBC micro computer


Comment ! = Win (with autoboot support):

command1=C:\ModelB\modelb.exe -autoboot -mount0


Comments= « *cat », « CH. ''NAME'' », « *help ».

 From :XavSnap

posted 7 August, 2005 10:59 AM

Warning ! [Mess problems]

Comment ! = Win :

command1=messgui.exe bbcb -flop_ < Don't forget the <space> character after the “-flop” command !

Comment ! = Dos : /c d:\mess\mess.exe bbcb -flop_ < Don't forget the <space> character after the “-flop” command !

otherwise Mess will crash !

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